So you’re looking for a designer? You must have some questions: what areas of design can I help with; what time scales are we looking at; where do I start; etc?

Well, here at CD Design I aim to be as open as possible and welcome as many questions as you need to ask to feel comfortable.

I draw on over 15 years industry experience, working with both large and small clients on a local and national level. These include local councils, schools, colleges and companies in the public, private and voluntary sectors. This has provided the most valuable experience of all…customer relations and liaison. This is where I believe all companies can grow, by the word of mouth of a happy client.

What can we do to enhance your business?

Have a look at my work.

About Me

To me design is part of my mental make up and something which is built into everyday life. A good example of this is how we, as a family, amuse ourselves on motorway journeys. Most families have an ‘eye spy’ book whereas we are more likely to play name that font!

It is a passion for the shape of the written message, how best to get across a subject and an emotional response both on a conscious and sub conscious level to an audience.

In my work it is not enough to know a client likes how a design looks it has to speak to them and most importantly it has to say what they want their customers to hear.

It is pure communication…as simple and as beautiful as that.

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